To all our players,


Expand is a new platform that is constantly striving to improve the player experience and give as many players as possible the opportunity to win. Our cash game awards prizes for correct answers with speed determining placings. We’ve realised that this excludes a large portion of our player base and requires change.

It is for this reason that going forward, our cash and airtime games will no longer be based on time, but rather on the player providing a correct answer. Our system will randomly select the winners from the correct answers in each game so the more you play, the more chance you have of winning, including the R10,000 grand prize every day!

This means that your regular visits to Brands of the month are vital, as a correct answer puts you in line to win cash every day!

To show our commitment to creating more winners, from 28 April 2022 there will be a total of 200 guaranteed cash winners every day, all of which will be doubled by Nedbank should you have a bank account with them at the time of winning. Don’t lose out on doubling your cash – simply click here and open a PAYU account for FREE!

Expand wants you to keep winning and winning, so that we can keep expanding but we can’t do it without your support…

The game will always be free to play, but it will be impossible to continue without Nedbank. Let’s show our gratitude to them by opening a bank account, and in return they’ll keep expanding your world!

Follow us on social to congratulate our daily grand prize winners and let’s build a positive, winning and expanding community!


All the best to all our players!