Account Deletion

Account deletion steps

  • Log into the Expand App on your phone
  • Navigate to the profile page
  • Click on the Delete button and click yes on the confirmation prompt
  • Alternatively fill in your details below and we will process your request

Data deleted

  • Your name, last name & ID number is deleted from our database.
  • Your complete profile demographic data is deleted from our database.

Data not deleted

  • Your phone number cannot be deleted as it is required by South African law for records of payments made to cellphone banking. When a player wins cash prizes we pay them to the player via cellphone banking directly to a phone number. Though we don’t track anymore who that player was, we have to retain the number linked to payments.
  • Historical game data. We have to retain historical game data for analysis and debugging. There is no personal or private information within these logs, only the phone number which incurred them.

For further information or support contact the developers at Expand Live via [email protected]