Expand is a revolutionary game that pays real money where you could win up to R3,000 every weeknight… and entry is completely FREE! The Expand experience is delivered by mobile app on iOS and Android, and played simultaneously by all players, every weeknight at 8pm.

Expand is undoubtedly the best 2 minutes of your day with 2 chances to win every night – ‘The Reveal’ for airtime and ‘Watch & Win’ for the cash! Tens of thousands of guaranteed winners will share in cash and airtime prizes every month, with a whopping R3,000 first prize available every night!

The easy-to-understand rules provide everyone living in South Africa with an equal opportunity to win. Expand is a truly unique platform that connects brands to consumers in the most authentic way.

Expand is fun, competitive and rewarding, but most importantly, it’s FREE to play!

So download, register, play every weeknight and Expand your World!

expand-home page app screenshot